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I definitely would have never known where to begin in being able to ride without Rachelle. It is hard and slow getting back into the right shape to ride and handle a 1200lb animal safely.  It’s all I ever really wanted to do though. I worked with Rachelle for a year and now I’m a horse owner and can do more at the barn. It’s the happiest I’ve ever been!  ~Whitney

I swore physical therapy never did any good — until I met Rachelle!  Her specialized techniques and focus on the whole body made all the difference for me.  I enjoyed the sessions and am now pain-free.  I highly recommend Rachelle!  ~Jennifer R.

I was experiencing a lot of hip, lower back and sciatic pain.  It would allow little restful sleep. Rachelle,’s manual therapy and the exercises that she prescribed helped me tremendously.  I am now trying to strengthen my back and muscles through workouts which she oversees in her gym.  ~Ginny

As a physical therapist myself, I knew I only wanted the best to treat my neck and TMJ. After only 2 sessions I was pain-free with full range of motion and able to turn my head to drive and chew/eat without pain! Rachelle is the best, and I have recommended her to others and will again! ~ Jacey B.

My neck was causing me lots of pain. I could not turn my head much to right, and was in lots of pain after sleeping. Chiropractic helped but only so far. The PT treatment was a tremendous help. She gave me my active life back. I highly recommend Rachelle for PT treatments! ~Steve A.

I enjoyed my sessions with Rachelle very much. I credit my recovery from my symptoms to her therapy. Excellent patient service.

Rachelle was great! The manual therapy was incredibly beneficial. She is very professional, kind, punctual, and good at what she does. Rachelle thinks through every workout and exercise to ensure it is helpful for my particular injury.

Rachelle knows her stuff and pushed me toward success. I am very pleased with the results of my therapy.

Rachelle is awesome! Very personable. She helped me get back on my feet again – no pun intended.

Rachelle did a fabulous job helping me understand the functioning of my knee. Outstanding therapist!

Rachelle helped my recovery process move along quickly and was very helpful in all treatments.

Rachelle enabled me to reach my goals. I can’t thank her enough.

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