Shawn’s Journey

It was February 20, 2019 and “Shawn” was lying flat on his icy driveway wondering “what on earth just happened?”

It’s was the day before his 42nd birthday- not exactly the age when you worry about broken hips. But low bone density, a freshly shoveled, icy driveway and being late for work ended up being the perfect storm for one.

One day and many pieces of hardware later Shawn’s broken hip was put back together. But that was just the start of his journey.

After 6 weeks of only minimal weight bearing through his surgery leg, Shawn was able to start rehab.

And he was ready! Ready for those ordinary things that we all take for granted, like walking or going up and down stairs or loading a dishwasher, to be easier.

It may not seem like much to an ordinary hip, but for someone with a freshly healed hip, the lower rack of the dishwasher is a long way down.

So for a solid 12 weeks, twice a week, Shawn walked through our door with a smile on his face and a ready attitude. He was determined, curious and hard-working. He did all the work, physically and mentally.

And today loading the dishwasher is no problem. And now the previously non-exercising IT professional continues to workout twice a week. Shawn is now chasing his 20 month old nephew up and down the stairs with no problem.

Thank you, Shawn, for being such an inspiration!

Pre-Rehab: Wherever it lands, it stays…

Post-rehab: an organized dishwasher- piece of cake!