Physical Therapy

What to expect from your physical therapy evaluation and treatment.

Rachelle McGuigan performing physical therapy.The first day of therapy is typically an hour-long appointment that consists of a thorough medical history and discussion of the cause and nature of your pain or dysfunction.

This includes an in-depth mechanical evaluation such as measurements of flexibility, range of motion, strength, mobility, functional movement and a gait analysis if necessary.

All of these components are analyzed by the therapist to determine appropriate goals and treatment.

Duration of your therapy will depend on several factors including the severity of your pain and condition, the amount of time you have been in pain, your general health, and your compliance to your prescribed exercise program.

We want your appointment to run as quickly and efficiently as possible. Please complete the patient information form before your first appointment. We will call you before you come in if we require any additional information, and to pre-authorize your insurance coverage.

Physical therapy treatment depends on your goals.

If you have acute or immediate pain and inflammation, we want to minimize that as soon as we can. We’ll draw from a variety of treatments such as ultrasound, ice or heat, and electrical muscle stimulation.

While these treatment methods can be very effective helping reduce and eliminate short-term pain, our goal will be to get to the source of the pain and to reduce or eliminate chronic and longer lasting pain. To do this, the underlying cause or mechanical fault must be examined and treated.

The manual techniques practiced by our certified therapists may be used when joint and/or soft tissue restrictions are noted.

The heart of the PT program plan is exercise.

The best way to make the most of your therapy sessions is to put the actions to work via simple exercises you can do safely at home. These may be gentle stretches or easy, active movements that progress to strengthening via more complex combinations of movements that simulate sports or work specific movements.

Regaining your function relies on performing exercise and the practice of movements that will improve your body’s tolerance for activity. After full strength and function are regained, Rachelle can help you transition to a healthy and safe wellness program. We’ll be here to help you every step of the way!

Above and beyond physical therapy

All physical therapy must eventually come to an end.  Rachelle’s goals are always to lead you to improved function and decreased pain.  Once goals are met, McGuigan Physical Therapy also offers maintenance programs to help you continue feeling great!

Get started today

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