Mirror in the clinic

Whenever I see a lot of the same thing coming into my treatment room, my first thought is usually to take a look at the community and analyze the common components and find patterns to try to unravel. 

But when the needle isn’t moving like I want it to with how I am treating then that usually means I have to take a good long look at myself. Especially when I start seeing physical symptoms in my body. 

“Wake up, Rachelle and take a long look at your own sh!#.”

By that I mean what are the B.S. stories I’m telling myself that are keeping me from moving forward? And in this case, what am I hitting minor road blocks and in getting stuff done in my business? Usually it the same general theme:

Stories of not doing enough,

Not having enough to give, 

Not being enough. 

It can be subtle because generally I can focus on the positive, the good things, the optimistic future. 

I realize I need to take a really good look in the mirror.  My patient’s are mirroring what I need to pay attention to in myself. I need to listen to the advice I give and the things I preach to my clients.  And then really, REALLY do those things myself. 

My latest intention for my work is to cultivate connection between the physical body and what lies beneath. Not just the cranial bones, fascia, interstitium and all the other not-so-well-know layers of tissue. But also the mentality of it, the B.S. stories, the limiting beliefs. It’s a hard journey to take and usually met with at least some amount of resistance (In patients which, of course, perfectly reflects my own.) 

I realize that sometimes that means digging through muck. BUT not always. Sometimes it’s as simple as holding absolute conviction when I say to myself,  “I delete, uncreate and take the story out of ….

Everything holding me back,

Everything keeping me small,

Everything blocking my heart and my gut and my passion for being me and making change.”


I can’t always make immediate big changes in the world. But I can change myself and that can then ripple out. 

And I am absolutely positive THAT ripple can change the world. Or at the very least, my corner of it. 

That’s my why. That’s why I show up everyday. 


I’m curious… What are you seeing out there that is a mirror to you?