The Internal Experience: Part 2

Step Two: Energy Awareness

  • The internal experience, part 2
How many times have you thought, “I wish I had more energy?”
Where do we get this elusive, abstract thing?
1st law of thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created or destroyed  So how do you get more energy? Energy can’t be created or destryed but it can only be converted from one form to another.   Theoretically all the energy you would ever need is out there waiting for you. What a great notion! Who needs caffeine or chocolate?  Just imagine how amazing it would be if we could tap into this infinite energy source.
Who wouldn’t want to tap into the neverending resource of energy? Yoga says that life energy, Prana, lies within you and all through the universe.   Prana, can be cultivated.  It’s a technique called Ujayii Pranayama.  Instant access to all the energy of the universe.  A crazy, very “yogi” notion, until you have experienced the benefits first hand.  Then it’s not so crazy.  It’s is one of the many gifts that bring consistent practitioners back to the mat, over and over again.
Breathing is the single most, easiest autonomic process to control.  Autonomic processes in the body are those we don’t have to think about doing.  Pumping blood, digesting food, and fighting infection are all other examples of autonomic processes.  We can override the autonomic control of breathing though.  Control the breath and you can control the mind.  Think about it.  If a frantic mind can make your breath short and choppy, can’t the reverse be true?  Slow down the breath, and the mind settles.  And yes, that is a good thing.
The technique: If it is new to you close your eyes.  Start with a brief observation- a body scan or grounding technique can be helpful here. Notice the quality of your breath. Without criticism or judgement- just a neutral observation. Then deepen and slow your breath.  Try for a 5 sec inhale and exhale then 6 then 7. Pause in between each inhale and exhale.  A little friction in the back of the throat or in the soft palate will increase the volume of your breath.  This sound is relaxing and can help keep your awareness on the breath.  Then simply…. repeat.
Simple but not easy.