Cutting Cords

The last several weeks have uprooted habits and routines and set into motion all sorts of new dynamics- at home, at work, with students and clients I work with. And for someone who is sensitive and empathetic to other people’s energy, this has resulted in changes in my own energy and physical body. I see it manifest as feelings of heaviness, moodiness, tension, irritability and fatigue. I also see it in my physical body as a stiff neck and upper back, headaches and more shallow breathing. 😣

One of the most effective ways for me to remove any energy that doesn’t serve me is to cut cords. ✂️✨ To me that is sometimes a physical movement to brush off my physical body and sometimes it is visualizing a cutting or removing any limiting energy.

Cutting cords does not remove connection. 💕 You are not removing your connections to those you love and care for, rather you are removing of all that doesn’t serve you, any energy that is unneeded, unwanted or ineffective.

Special training is not necessary to do this technique. You don’t need any experience with energy work or need to be able to sense or feel anything physical. Anyone can do this! 🥳👏🏻

Before you start, you will need to come up with two symbols or metaphors to work with. The first is for the energy that isn’t yours that has attached itself to you. Here are some ideas:

~sticky cords or very fine threads like spider webs 🕸
~dense, sticky energy like a piece of gum 🍬
~post-it notes of other people’s thoughts, words, moods attached to you. 📝

The metaphors are endless. Pick one that works for you and share it in the comments.

The second symbol is what you will use to remove the energy with. Maybe it is simply your physical arms. You could also use a giant blade or scissors. Perhaps you will use giant energetic tweezers to pluck the energy from you. Find something that works for YOU.

A basic technique for cord cutting:

~Find a quiet place to lie, sit or even stand.

~Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

~Start to tune into your physical body with neutrality. Notice what you are feeling.

~Expand your awareness to the area surrounding your body, from your skin outward approximately 3 ft. See what you notice. Even if you can’t feel anything in particular, don’t worry about it. Move on to the next step.

~With your arms or just your imagination gather up the energy and pull it away from your physical body.

~Visualize using your tool of choice to unequivocally remove any sticky energy from your energy field. Again you can physically brush your body as you visualize or visualize without moving. The important component is intention. You are intending to remove any unwanted, unneeded or ineffective energy.

~ Take one more deep breath and open your eyes.

The goal is to feel lighter and shift your mindset. Any of these steps can be modified to your preference and your situation. Don’t be attached to the specifics. No need to take yourself too seriously. 🤪 Just let go of expectations and use your imagination. Have fun with this! Tune into your inner child and play “pretend” again. 👯‍♀️

I would love to hear about your experiences with cord cutting. Share in the comments below!



  1. Beth

    Rachelle – Thank you so much for sharing this! Last night, I sat outside with my kids. No phones, no books. Just a gal in a chair, with a glass of wine, watching her kids play. I have been running so fast these last several weeks, that I have rarely allowed myself time to be present. As I sat there, I could feel the the stress in my body, weighing me down. I came across your post early this morning, and I will be practicing this every single day. I am looking forward to regaining my energy. Thank you!