Alternative Treatments

Alternative Treatment Pricing

  • $175/ 1-hour session
  • $150/ 40-minute session
Our passion for helping people feel great consistently pushes us to learn more about all types of healing practices.  Chronic pain can be complex and challenging to treat successfully.  Many times alternative treatments are successful when traditional practices are ineffective.  We believe in using whatever tools in our tool belts are most efficient and productive.  Each person’s pain is an individual experience and warrants an individualized approach.

Personalized Yoga Instruction

Yoga is a perfect Body, Mind and Spirit approach to healing.  Rachelle’s yoga style focuses on body awareness, alignment and breathing.  If you have ever been intimidated by yoga classes, one on one sessions are a great way to boost your confidence.  Rachelle utilizes her physical therapy assessment skills to create a yoga series specific to the client’s dysfunction, impairments and  goals.  Learning correct yoga posture alignment in one on one sessions is helpful in building a successful yoga practice especially with underlying pain or dysfunction.

Reiki Energy Work

Reiki is a relaxation and healing technique originating in Japan.  The term “Reiki” means spiritual wisdom life energy.  Reiki Therapy traditionally utilizes a light or no touch technique.  Rachelle uses Reiki techniques in combination with her other skills of joint and soft tissue mobilization. These sessions are very relaxing and helpful in stress relief and overall wellness.  Rachelle is a Level 2 Reiki practitioner.  She received this certification in 2014.

Running Analysis

Running Analysis is a comprehensive evaluation that provides runners with biomechanical information about their running style and form. The process includes video recording the runner on a treadmill from multiple angles and an explanation of their unique mechanics. The patient will receive recommendations and exercises to correct any asymmetries or inefficiencies that have lead to injury.  

Maintenance Visits for Wellness

These visits can be any assortment of an eclectic mix of various treatment modalities. Our therapists use an individualized combination of soft tissue mobilization, (utilizing techniques such as CranioSacral therapy and Graston Technique) joint mobilization, and possibly Reiki healing energy to help restore the mind, body and spirit. From the deepest joint to the electromagnetic energy field around the body, this technique addresses wellness of the whole self.